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What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

by 420insightJuly 6, 2014

 The purpose of this article is to inform and de-stigmatize the well-known “drug” as marijuana. We want to create a new image, (therapeutically speaking) and also offering support to those in need of this medicine.

When most people hear the word “marijuana”, they forget to stop for a second and think for themselves, letting in this case the old established preconceptions to take the decision instead. Have you ever heard of cognitive dissonance? This is by which a persons consistency of beliefs is put into question. It can be imagined as a system that repels new beliefs or ideas that do not fit and are contradictory to existing ones.

CBD, an active cannabinoid compound found in the cannabis plant has the potential to shift the viewer’s perspective into a new one. It doesn’t present psychotropic effects like the other well-known compound THC found in the plant, advantage that can promise a wide range of research in the therapeutic benefits.

The reason why CBD is non-psychoactive is that it lacks affinity for the CB1/CB2 receptors that are widely spread into our entire body, acting as an antagonist (CB1/CB2 receptors are found into our endocannabinoid system.

Throughout the years, high THC and low CBD strains have been developed for the high that was offered but now, these concentrations are reversing. Comparing THC with CBD , some unpleasant results showed that anxiety and paranoia are caused by high THC concentration. Surprisingly, these effects are alleviated in the presence or combination with CBD resulting that the ratio of these two compounds for the best ratio needs more research.

Researchers are seeing the potential of high CBD plants and further research needs to be done down the line. Note that the full elimination of THC is not required because CBD alone doesn’t provide the medicinal results and the minimum amount of THC is critical in order for them to work together at full potential.

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In clinical studies, more information is needed to provide the medical benefits of CBD in order to be readily accepted by the public. It has a wide range of treatments; including epilepsy, autism, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer and neurological disorders. Most doctors are aware of this plant but are afraid to talk about it because they do not know the long-term effect that marijuana can cause a person that has consumed it for 20, 30 or 40 years. As it was consumed for such a long time in the antiquity, we need to hope that nothing has been changed, just the confirmation from authorized personal in an objective way.

You can see the lack of CBD strains available in seed banks together with the lack of interest for its medicinal properties. Even at Spannabis Barcelona, a festival dedicated to cannabis, is known for the psychoactive part of it. The medicinal benefits are oblivious. It is apparent that most US citizens share their thinking .

In this last part, can you also point to the medical benefit part of the website as a hyperlink in order for the user to read in more detail the medical benefit of cbd?

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By Stanciu Vasile, 420 InSight Staff Writer

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