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Considering a Medical Cannabis Start-Up? Rimidya Gives “Insight”

by Tina VolpeJuly 21, 2014

With medical marijuana in the headlines daily, and over 20 states legalizing cannabis for medical purposes, the scramble to get on the cannabis success train is underway. But what does it take for a start-up dispensary to become successful? And just what kinds of hoops are business owners required to jump through to become an established and successful company?

This medicinal plant can cure disease and help those stricken with nearly 250 ailments to find relief and in some cases a cure. For cancer patients, it is clinically proven by scientific research that cannabis can prevent the spread of cancer and other damaging cells by eliminating or inhibiting malignancy.

There isn’t a better profession if you’re inclined to take on the trials and tribulations of opening a dispensary – helping others find solutions to their health problems – sometimes extremely long-term ones at that – can be rewarding and beneficial, not to mention extremely lucrative. Many experts claim growing and producing marijuana is where the profits lie, not in retail – however – dispensaries such as “The Clinic” in Colorado would argue that point.

But as you are probably already aware – there is a lot of work that goes into formulating a product, testing it to ensure it is safe, evaluating the medical benefits and a medicinal focus, along with product design, marketing, quality assurance, strain considerations, and if that didn’t make your head spin – there is the added difficulty of what hurdles your state requires you to jump.

The Hoops:

Even as many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, federal law has not. In order to understand the legalities of a cannabis business, seeking help from a legal professional is the best bet – initially.

Many states refuse dispensaries in any form, some do background checks on partners and founders, and each in its own way pretty much expects you to jump through hoops to begin a medical marijuana start-up. Knowing the laws in your preferred state will save oodles of red tape.

And you’ll have find a good marijuana advertiser – many major websites such as Facebook and Google will not allow marijuana-related businesses to advertise. This forces dispensaries, physicians and other cannabis-related businesses to advertise on marijuana-based websites exclusively. There is hope that this might change in the future.


In a recent interview with Taras -the founder of Rimidya – and his associates Felicia and Andrew, who developed the medical wonder Rimidya, (a high quality product designed to care for those suffering from a host of ailments from stage 4 cancer to severe arthritis) I was met with generous ‘insight’ into their success.

Rimidya is the name of the medicine itself that includes the concept of healing. This product is the stringent result of years of trial and error and is sold through their collective partnership with Botanadoil, their distributor. Their Formula One spray (oral or topical) – which is a Rick Simpson style oil, is made with organic pharmaceutical grade alcohol, and emulsified with coconut oil, and tangerine oil, to insure that the cannabis oil remains thoroughly mixed in suspension.

Taras worked for nearly two years to create, design and perfect his formula. Continually tweaking it to get it to the best possible combination. What resulted is a pure strain that will not vary in its CBD/THC formula.

About Rimidya: Rimidya Laboratories means to be different. is more than a product. It is a concept: the concept that medical cannabis does not have to operate like the Wild West; that medical cannabis products needn’t be shoddy and inferior but instead can be produced to high pharmaceutical standards. It is painful but necessary to admit that the medical cannabis industry is filled with fly-by-night producers of shoddy products, ruled by a “take the money and run” philosophy, producing what can only be called, “junk medicine.”

Cannabis Business Motivation:

When Taras was asked what his motivation was for creating such a high quality cannabis product, considering the risks, time, money, and regulations he faced – his response surprised me.

Healing those who have one of the 250 conditions that medical cannabis has been shown to heal, support, cure, and help, including me.”

“My motivation came from my own personal disease. I was diagnosed 17-years -ago with metastatic prostate cancer. This product has allowed me to be the longest-lived metastatic prostate cancer patient at the medical facility I am involved with.”

After further questioning, he admitted he’s had no chemo or radiation treatments or surgery and did not respond to hormone (refractory) manipulations. However, since using cannabis he has been able to start responding to frontline treatments as if he were newly diagnosed. The cannabis has helped him tremendously.

He continued, “nine years ago his daughter suggested this to me, but my “reefer madness mindset” wouldn’t allow me to see the sky for the clouds – I was caught in that “generational mindset” which kept me from starting sooner. This product is undoubtedly one of the safest medicines on the planet, and its stigma continues to keep it from the most needy people on the planet. It is hypocrisy at its worst.”

He concluded that it is not for the faint of heart going into the business of producing high quality, strenuously tested, and tried and true CBD extracts.

So, his motivation was pure and passionate – that is most likely not a prerequisite – but it couldn’t hurt.

Rimidya Strains:

The strains that are available in Rimidya’s dosable products include ACDC, a ratio of 24:1 mg of CBD/ THC. The Omrita is another strain that is 1.5:1 mg CBD/THC, and the third known as AK47 is a ratio of 1:20 CBD/THC.

Rimidya created a standard to measure how much CBD each individual is getting. One spray of their standard product Formula One delivers 1.2mg of CBD. It is a base for patients to determine how much works, and how much –  more or less – they need.

Top Competitors:

When Taras was asked what the healing benefits of this product had in common with other competitors, he answered:

“Rimidya is a stand-alone product because we use whole flower, whole strain, entirely cannabis based ingredients and the results of both topical and ingestion of our product have been astonishing with psoriasis, pain, neuromuscular and neoskeletal pain, and so much more.”

Another great suggestion… find your niche, because standing alone is something not many companies can accomplish in this flurry of start-ups only just beginning.


I asked Taras where he sees the company going in the next few years.

He said, “I have been approached by a couple of investors, and encourage investors to jump on board. Growth is inevitable, and I am open to entertaining investment ideas.

He also believes that the product is such high quality and has already helped so many people – success is inevitable.

Quality Assurance:

The products are strenuously tested for everything from genetics to clones from beginning production to post production, by CannaSafe Labs, aka –, which exist in 3-4 states already. They are a full-service cannabis testing company that tests for potency, flavor, microbial problems, moisture, mold and fungus, pesticides and anything else required of a high quality product.

CSA Labs is ISO Certified, and they state on their website that any company that is producing medical cannabis that does not test – will not be in business much longer. Testing is and will be a requirement.


Felicia and Andrew had a lot of insight into the everyday functions of the business. When asked what they felt is essential to cannabis products and the start-up of a medical cannabis business they added that education was an important factor.

“Effective treatment is part of anyone’s health and wellness program with cannabis, but without education they won’t use it effectively, or properly,” said Felicia.

So a start-up must shoulder the responsibility of their patients’ education, after all, the dispensary and distributor should already be educated and willing to ensure their patients receive dosages that fit their level of illness, and their previous usage.

Finding the right dose can be daunting, and is the problem many patients face. There are no testing regulations in place to guide patients for proper dosing, and just what the combination of the medication for specific ailments should be.

Rimidya is working on a basic dosing guideline to determine what to use – and how much – for which condition… and what acclamation level of CBD and THC together will work, because it is not a “one size fits all” medicine, each body is different.

Look for their products to be available very soon!

Botanadiol Statement:

Tina Wybaczynsky, President of Botanadiol, was unavailable for comment, but wanted to convey her support for the goals of Rimidya, as well as 420 Insight:

“I have seen firsthand the healing power of cannabis on families, and I want to support more families in need by increasing the availability of high-quality, dosed, CBD-rich medicine. Through holistic practices, a healthy diet, and a little hard work, everyone can greatly improve their quality of life. I do my part to help my community in that manner by practicing natural childbirth in Southern California as a licensed doula and childbirth instructor.”



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