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Miracle Marijuana, Jason David’s battle to save his son’s life

by 420insight on June 25, 2014
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Jason David is the proud father of a very special little boy, Jayden. Together, they have been through Hell and back. They have never given up, and finally they are seeing light at the end of a long tunnel. Jason is a loving father who has experienced first-hand the healing aptitudes of what he calls “Miracle Marijuana.” He has lived every parent’s worst nightmare, watching his own son struggle through countless seizures and agonizing pain, while everything he did to help his son failed.

The Good Side of Marijuana

Some might question what he finally did that has given his son a life for the first time, but he will ask that you investigate the facts before judging his decision. After all else failed, he began giving his son Jayden CBD oil (cannibidiol oil), which is derived from the Marijuana plant, for his rare form of severe Epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome.

“What would you do if your child was dying in front of you and nothing worked? Would you try everything possible?” he asked during our interview. Of course I would, and this is the response he gets from most people.

Jason feels strongly that we have all been “duped” into believing that marijuana is a harmful drug that people only use to “get high”. He believes and relies on its healing abilities, and you completely understand why if saw his son’s quality of life then, and now.

The battle begins

On July 7th, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason David. I interviewed him about his fight for Jayden’s life that he refuses to lose. His struggle to help his son would take him to a climax of desperation, causing him to actually entertain the thought of putting a gun to his own head and “ending it all”. He reached his wit’s end watching Jayden in a miserable state.

He had watched his son screaming pain as he suffered through 200 to 300 seizures a day. Jayden’s life consisted of seizing and sleeping. It was too much sometimes to watch helplessly as his son screamed in agony from the pain for hours that turned into days, then months, and eventually years.

When Jayden received a vaccination at four months of age, he began having seizures.

Jason believes his son’s condition was activated when he received his vaccinations. Others feel there is some kind of connection there as well…

“The truth is, I feel like my son was poisoned. About 80% of the people I talk to with children in the same shape as my son say the seizures began within weeks after vaccinations.” –Jason David

Regardless of the cause, the battle to save Jayden’s life was on. Doctors were not able to diagnose him until the age of two.

A Condition Jayden Won’t Outgrow

At age two, Jayden was finally diagnosed with a devastating condition called Dravet Syndrome, also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI). It is a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy.

“Jayden was taking 22 pills a day, and this is all he would eat. He couldn’t chew, and had a feeding tube. It was horrible seeing my child suffer, screaming all day and all night long.” – Jason David

Initial seizures are most often prolonged events, and in the second year of life other seizure types begin to emerge. This syndrome brings many other conditions along with it that must be treated as well, including:

  • behavioral and developmental delays
  • movement and balance issues
  • orthopedic conditions
  • delayed language and speech issues
  • growth and nutrition issues
  • sleeping difficulties
  • chronic infections
  • sensory integration disorders
  • disruptions of the autonomic nervous system (which regulates things such as body temperature and sweating) 

Jayden would not outgrow this condition, along with the 334,000 are plagued with it around the world.

Diminished Quality of Life

Jason David, exhausted and out of options, described how his son’s syndrome effected every aspect of their lives. Jayden was facing a diminished quality of life, a life that nobody would choose for his or her child. The financial and emotional strain on Jason, the sole caregiver, was tremendous. Yet, he was not willing to accept this life for his son, determined to find a better way and to see his have a childhood that was happy.

Jayden was left unable to communicate with his father or his doctors. He couldn’t eat, walk or talk.

The only possible relief that was available was prescription drugs that were given to ease the intensity and frequency of the seizures. At one point, Jayden was taking 22 pills a day. He had taken 25,000 pills by the time he was five, according to his father. In only one month’s time, Jayden received 40 shots of valium for his pain.

“Each time we tried another drug, Jayden would experience a little bit of relief for about a month. Then, the side effects would crash down on him, making him worse than before. Nothing worked.” –Jason David

Jason believes the drugs only harmed Jayden more, causing damage to his brain, while bringing him only brief, short-lived relief. Meanwhile, Jayden was having 100-300 myoclonic seizures per day.

No Relief in Sight

There were numerous trips to the ER when Jayden’s pain became excruciating. Something had to be done. Talking with a physician during one of the many visits, the physician suggested that Jayden’s screaming, “…Might just be his personality, or the real Jayden coming out.”

Jason let him know what he thought about his comment, “There is no way this can be him!” refusing to believe the nonsense that his son was somehow “possessed”.

He refused to believe it, because he knew better. He knew Jayden was a sweet, loving little boy enduring more than his share of sickness and pain. He would be right in the end; this was not who his son was. He worried about his strong suspicions of the damage to Jayden’s brain that the medications were causing. He needed a miracle.

Along Comes CBD

One evening Jason heard about a teenager who was suspended from school for having marijuana on him. He claimed he used it to control his seizures. Jason learned all he could and did his research, finally deciding to give it a try. What did he have to lose? He found a way, with some help, to obtain some for Jayden. Nothing had worked to help his son, who, as Jason described it, was being “tortured by seizures every day”. He was willing to try anything at this point to save his son. Wouldn’t you?

“I gave it to my son in a liquid form. It is non-psychoactive and it was the first day he went seizure free in his life. Life is a million times better. He gets to be a kid.” – Jason David

He began treating Jayden with CBD oil, and life for Jason and Jayden David improved drastically. Jayden smiles, hugs, walks, and can comprehend and understand things for the first time. He is improving every day. He is happy.

Jason is a Christian and his faith is strong. He feels God has led him every step of the way into making the best decisions for his son. He knows that his son is truly a gift from God, and a blessing with a special purpose: To help others who are struggling the way he did for so long.

Though Jason believes the medications Jayden took for so long have damaged his brain, his seizures now occur once a day, lasting only five to ten seconds instead of an hour and a half. He is able to recuperate after a seizure in only one hour. “He is a whole different person.”

For over a year now, Jayden has been swallowing a dropper per day of a solution made mostly of cannabidiol (CBD), the second most prominent cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. It is not psychoactive, and Jayden does not get “high” from it. It is purely medicinal, and it has become quite a promising cure for many ailments people are struggling with today.

Jayden is down from 22 prescription pills to two a day. He can eat solid foods, respond to his father’s consistent requests for hugs and kisses, and Jason can’t wait for him to say, “I love you.” The frequency and intensity of his seizures has decreased significantly.

“I am a parent, not a pothead. I am a caregiver, not a criminal.”–Jason David

The Problem with CBD

There is only one problem with CBD and its healing properties: Government regulations, that somehow allow us easy access to harmful prescription drugs that are taking lives every day, but prevent us from obtaining a naturally grown plant that has proven its healing abilities time and again, and taken no lives.

Those who have discovered the healing properties that CBD has to offer, especially for children suffering from Epilepsy, are frustrated. CBD is difficult to obtain, especially if you live in states where it has not been legalized. The dispensaries’ supply of CBD medicine is problematic, if they carry it at all.

What can you do to help? Jason’s advice is, “Get out in the community and get involved. Find the supporters and talk to the local politicians in your community.”

Awareness is huge and knowledge is powerful. Get out and educate those who do not know about the other side of Marijuana. There are many more “Jaydens” out there who also need a childhood.


by Melanie Kross, a 420 InSight Correspondent


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