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Marijuana Use is Rising in the US: Dangerous or Not?

by 420insight on June 28, 2014

For a long period of time, people believed marijuana use was dangerous and highly addictive. This opinion has changed drastically over the past couple of years. On Thursday, KPLU 88.5 reported that Pot use is on the rise in the US. According to the article, the United Nations recently released the World Drug Report 2014 on drug use and crime. This report shows that more people are in favor of the marijuana use these days. It was also stated that in this same period of time, the strength of the marijuana plant has also increased.

Featured Image: Cannabis smoking is on the rise in the US, especially since the legalization issues have become so popular. Image Source: Wikipedia

About the Report World Drug Report 2014

According to the UN report, marijuana use around the globe is actually going down, generally speaking. Contrary to that, however, marijuana usage is actually going up in the United States. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. People are starting to think the marijuana plant is harmless
  1. US smokers are actually seeing weed as effective medication

Problems with Marijuana Use

These are some of the facts that came out of this report:

  • Marijuana related emergency room trips increased 56% percent between the years 2006-2010
  • There was a 14% increase of people going into drug treatment programs for using marijuana in combination with other drugs

This could be a dangerous marijuana use trend, depending on how current and future users treat the situation.

Information Regarding the Weed Report

Marijuana Use is Rising in the US: Dangerous or Not?Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, with his popular weed-related rap songs have endorsed the rise of smoking weed globally. Image Source: Wikipedia

There was other relevant information contained in the drug use report. According to KPLU 88.5 News the report said:

It will take years of careful monitoring to understand the broader effects of those novel regulatory frameworks, in order to inform future policy decisions.”

This could be positive or negative for people who currently smoke pot regularly. It is possible that over time, they could find out that marijuana use is just as harmless as people say. On the other hand, they could find that the effects of smoking pot are actually harmful, which would slow down the legalization efforts nationwide.

Findings on Opium and Synthetic Opioid Use in the US

Other drugs were also investigated in this report. They discovered that opium farming was on the rise of 26% between the years of 2012 and 2013. This could be due to the increase of this drug’s availability. Opium can be produced on a massive scale. As a result of this, it is becoming more widely available in the drug community.

Another frightening fact was related to the alarming rise of synthetic opioid usage. People are beginning to use this synthetic counterpart of heroin. The problems are, it is cheaper, and much more dangerous. This is harmful because of the fact that it imitates heroin, yet at the same time contains poisonous chemicals that can kill you. Many users have accidentally overdosed, which usually results in death.

Effects of Marijuana Use Still being Studied

It is easy to see why pot use is rising in the United States. It is becoming more available and used for medicinal purposes in some states, while being completely legal in other states. Hopefully, through extensive research, they will find out what smoking pot is really doing to the body and mind. The only thing left to do is to sit back and wait for the results.

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