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Dr. Minahan - When they hear medical marijuana

ER doctor’s perspective of MMJ

an ER doctor's perspective and what a lot of doctors think when they hear "medicinal marijuana".
by 420insightAugust 11, 2014
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Dr. Minahan – Conservative Christian speaks about his daughter, Mallory’s use of medicinal marijuana, an ER doctor’s perspective and what a lot of doctors think when they hear “medicinal marijuana”.

Tom Minahan is a doctor in one of California’s busiest emergency rooms. When it comes to drug use, he’s seen it all. His experiences as a physician are — at least in part — why he was generally against marijuana. But then something changed that.

“You work in the ER and your perspective of people changes a little bit,” Minahan said. “I see drugs. I see drug overdoses all the time. I threw marijuana in the same category.”

But about a year ago, the Christian father and self-identified conservative changed his mind about marijuana when it comes to medicinal use. He took “a huge leap of faith” and tried it as a last-ditch effort to help his now 11-year-old daughter — and it worked.

Now, he’s advocating for more people to have access to certain forms of the drug that he’s seen help his daughter when nothing else did.

Two other options remained: the anti-epileptic Felbatol — and cannabis.

Minahan said that because Felbatol can cause potentially fatal side effects, he would rather go through all of the drugs his daughter had already tried a second time instead of put her on it.

Instead, he started researching cannabis, a decision he said wasn’t easy, especially considering they were talking about a child who hadn’t even reached her teens.

“I just started looking around and thought maybe she’d have to smoke it,” Minahan said.

She didn’t have to smoke it: “I looked into it further and found the oil.”

He ordered some. Before trying it on his daughter, he had it tested. Then he gave a dose to Mallory.

‘A Different Kid’

“Within 36 hours, she was a different kid,” Minahan said.

Since starting Mallory on cannibis oil nine months ago, the 11-year-old has only suffered two seizures within the last 4 1/2 weeks. She used to have 30 to 40 a month, her father said.

She’s back in school for the first time in three years and has an alertness that he hadn’t seen before.

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